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old Player 2 dimension war 2

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About -
Now Map testing snow is released
You can play snowball


Another weapons:
Seeking bomb
You can set the power now
More maps
You can give everyone weapons
Say "!l >Commands or lua<" then will appear menu commands for default commands in console
Lua for the script

Simple lua:
!l gold[id]=value
!l wpn[id]=
1 = hands
2 = snowball
3 = seeking bomb
!l god[id]=
1 = godmode
0 = ungodmode
!l infjump[id]=
1 = you can jump anywhere
0 = you only can jump on the grounds
!l autodef[id]=
1 = You will be auto using shield
0 = You must use it manual
!l autoatk[id]=
1 = You will auto attacking player nearest you
0 = You must attack manual
!l infdef[id]=
1 = You can use shield with no cooldown
0 = You can use shield when its not cooldown

Simple textcommand:
!tp id1 id2 - Teleporting id1 to id2
!tp all id - Teleporting everyone to id

Controls / Key -
Press mouse > Normal punch
Spam mouse > Randomly (uppercut,haymaker,normal)
Press R > Open menu
Press E > Shield - Saving you from other player
Press Space > Jumping - not work while your bone is crack

Notice - √
• Use mode deathmatch for script work with properly
• If you have 250 gold or more you can build 1 turret on your position
• Chat bot is brothering you?, sorry i didnt create a script for disable that but you can remove the function for chat bot (botsss) in bot commands
• This script is work for bot too?
Actually yes!, i already create bot command for commanding bot what did he need! punch, shield, build a turret bot is playing fair
he only can build turret while has enough gold
• Falling is damaging you and cracking your bones, you cant jump at certain times

Btw i make a video tutorial for this script:
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1.45 mb, 489 Downloads


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old That mode not supported

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Hey i recommended you to use mode deathmatch
Read description
If you use another mode its will make a bug
Thank you


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One small Bug:
When add bot,player img like this


cool lua,good job!


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Ok, thanks!


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What means "sorry about copyright"? Are you violating copyright laws? In that case you are not allowed to upload this file here. Saying sorry doesn't solve that issue.

Please clarify.
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