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Man Of Steel
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Hi everyone,

I'm Just demand for all Scripters & especially for Yank for add More things on his admin script.i hope community will help me.

I want to add more commands in yank admin script, I don't know lua scripting so i can't but i need for my server.


!warn >

!kill >

!name >

!weapon on/off >

!report >

I want to change some tag settings

Tag of Moderator/Suppoter/Vip will come after name when we say message

Example: vmAD~ |Owner|: How are you guys.

I want change brackets to "|" when we chat message


Original: vmAD~ [Owner] : Hi
Wanna: vmAD~ |Owner| : Hi

And Always tag of vips/moderators/admin/owner will show in white color even we change our chat color.

I will be highly Thankful who help me for this matter.
Especially _Yank
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FRiendly boYy.
08.05.18 12:32:42 am
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I can try to help once I have time. Probably this weekend so you'll have to hold a little bit.
09.05.18 01:11:08 am
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maybe I can do it :]
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